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Our Story

Founded in 2008 , with over 40 years of background in the Industrial and Commercial Packaging industry, Commercial Crating and Box Packaging Inc strives to provide our customers with quality shipping containers and packaging supplies at affordable prices.  We cater to our client’s needs and always provide top-notch services. Our ability to combine a variety of materials ensures us to achieve the best solution to package your products, from large to small, in an inexpensive way.

We treat all our clients with respect and dignity. We partner with them throughout the manufacturing process.

The secret to our success and longevity has been our continued commitment to excellence in service to our customers.  We always go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Customer’s needs and requirements are our highest priorities. 100%
  • We strive to provide quality shipping containers, packaging supplies and other packaging services at the most economical prices. 100%
  • Our team of experts ensure your products will be well protected and arrive at destination on time and damage free. 100%